Source code for genderize

Client for web service.

import requests

__all__ = ['Genderize', 'GenderizeException']
__version__ = '0.1.5'

[docs]class GenderizeException(Exception): """ Exception from web service. """
[docs]class Genderize(object): """ Client for web service. Uses a Requests session for persistent HTTP connections. """ def __init__(self, user_agent=None, api_key=None): """ :param user_agent: Optional user agent string. :type user_agent: string :param api_key: Optional API key. :type api_key: string """ if user_agent is None: user_agent = 'Genderize/{0}'.format(__version__) self.api_key = api_key self.session = requests.Session() self.session.headers = {'User-Agent': user_agent} @staticmethod def _fixtypes(data): """ 'probability' key is clearly supposed to be a float, but is sent as a string. :type data: dict :rtype: dict :return: Same dict as input, modified in place. """ if 'probability' in data: data['probability'] = float(data['probability']) return data
[docs] def get(self, names, country_id=None, language_id=None, retheader=False): """ Look up gender for a list of names. Can optionally refine search with locale info. :param names: List of names. :type names: Iterable[str] :param country_id: Optional ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. :type country_id: Optional[str] :param language_id: Optional ISO 639-1 language code. :type language_id: Optional[str] :param retheader: Optional :type retheader: Optional[boolean] :return: If retheader is False: List of dicts containing 'name', 'gender', 'probability', 'count' keys. If 'gender' is None, 'probability' and 'count' will be omitted. else: A dict containing 'data' and 'headers' keys. Data is the same as when retheader is False. Headers are the response header (a requests.structures.CaseInsensitiveDict). :rtype: Union[dict, Sequence[dict]] :raises GenderizeException: if API server returns HTTP error code. """ params = [('name[]', name) for name in names] if self.api_key is not None: params.append(('apikey', self.api_key)) if country_id: params.append(('country_id', country_id)) if language_id: params.append(('language_id', language_id)) response = self.session.get( '', params=params) if 'application/json' not in response.headers.get('content-type', ''): status = "server responded with {http_code}: {reason}".format( http_code=response.status_code, reason=response.reason) raise GenderizeException( 'response not in JSON format ({status})'.format(status=status), response.headers) decoded = response.json() if response.ok: # API returns a single object for a single name # but a list for multiple names. if not isinstance(decoded, list): decoded = [decoded] decoded = [self._fixtypes(data) for data in decoded] if not retheader: return decoded else: return { "data": decoded, "headers": response.headers } else: raise GenderizeException( decoded['error'], response.status_code, response.headers)
[docs] def get1(self, name, **kwargs): """ Look up gender for a single name. See :py:meth:`get`. Doesn't support retheader option. """ if 'retheader' in kwargs: raise GenderizeException( "get1() doesn't support the retheader option.") return self.get([name], **kwargs)[0]